Touched By Fire cooks up Neapolitan style, fresh, made-to-order pizzas in our mobile wood fired oven on your site for guests of approximately 40+. Fueled with apple wood, our centerpiece oven heats up to 900 degrees so pizza cooks in 2-3 minutes. Made with the freshest ingredients, pizzas are cut into slices for guests to help themselves – as many as they can eat.

Different from traditional caterers, we cook on-site at your location which means:

1) We provide entertainment as guests watch us roll out dough, top pizza and bake at 900 degrees.

2) There is less waste as we cook to the number of people at the event and how hungry they are.

3) We can halt cooking at slower times and crank it up during busier times.

4) We cook over the course of the event’s duration so food is not sitting and getting cold. We continuously have fresh, hot pizza coming out of the oven whether guests arrive at the beginning, middle or near the end.

5) We take special requests if certain pizzas are more popular among your guests – “Can you pop another one of those buffalo chicken pizzas in?” Our answer is always…“Sure, it will just take a few minutes.”

6) We offer all-you-can-eat pizza, cooking until your guests are full!

For an unique culinary experience, let us roll our mobile wood fired oven into your backyard, the parking lot of your company or wherever else your crowd is gathering, and we’ll serve up a variety of wood fired pizzas.

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