Thinking about the possibility of having our pizza at an event? Here is some information you might find helpful.

For our menu and what ingredients/toppings we bring with us, please see our menu.

How much space do you need?
Ideally, we need a 10’ x 20’ fairly level space to set up the oven and canopy tent with refrigerated prep table and serving tables. We have an extremely quiet generator to run the prep table and lights, if applicable. If electricity (standard 15 amp dedicated outlet) is within a reasonable distance, it can be used. But, essentially, we are completely self-contained.

How long does it take to set up and get the oven heated?
It takes about 1 hour from set up time to serving. The oven takes less than an hour to come to cooking temperature, and less time if we used it the night before. We break everything down and are driving out your driveway in about a half hour.

How long do you serve?
For private parties, we provide all-you-can-eat pizza because we want to ensure everyone gets their fill! So, we continuously crank pizza out of the oven until everyone is full. We place hot pizza on rustic trays, sliced them up and allow guests to help themselves to a variety of slices. In terms of time, it depends on how many guests you have. Generally, for 50 guests, everyone has had their fill in about 1.5 hours. For 100 guests, about 2.5 hours, and so on.

Do you do events other than private parties?
Yes, for public events, visit the events section of our website. At these festivals and other public events, we sell 9-inch individual-sized pizza all for you – or to share. We also do private events like corporate open houses that are priced a bit differently than all-you-can-eat private parties.

What about gluten-free and lactose intolerant guests?
We serve a “Pizza Bowl” (or crust-less pizza) for gluten-free customers. Guests can simply choose any sauce, meats, veggies and cheese – we fire roast it up in the oven and transfer all the yummies to a bowl. We take special requests for gluten-free crust. For lactose intolerant guests, we make a cheese-less calzone. Guests simply choose sauce, meats and/or veggies, and we’ll pile it into a calzone and fire roast it up. For lactose intolerant guests, we can also use goat cheese on any pizza. Please ensure we are made aware of special dietary needs so we are prepared. We have something for everyone!

How are you different from a traditional caterer?
We cook on-site at your location which means:

  • • We provide entertainment as guests watch us roll out dough, top pizza and bake pizza at only 2 minutes.
  • • There is less waste as we cook to the number of people at the event and how hungry they are.
  • • We can halt cooking at slower times and crank it up during busier times.
  • • We cook over the course of the event’s duration so food is not sitting and getting cold. We continuously have fresh, hot pizza coming out of the oven whether guests arrive at the beginning, middle or near the end.
  • • We take special requests if certain pizzas are more popular among your guests – “Can you pop another one of those buffalo chicken pizzas in?” Our answer is always…“Sure, it will just take a few minutes.”
  • • We offer all-you-can-eat pizza, cooking until your guests are full!

Do you take special requests?
If you don’t see your favorite topping on the menu, please let us know. We are constantly making new creations and love to hear your ideas! At the event itself, we love taking requests from your guests. If a particular pizza is very popular, we are happy to keep cranking it out!

What do I need to provide?
We’ll let you take care of beverages and any chairs and/or tables you want available for your guests. And certainly, if you want to provide any other food for the party, you are welcome.

What happens if there is bad weather on the day of my event?
We are able to serve in rain. Access to garages, barns and similar structures helps. If guests are indoors, we can certainly run pizzas in to them. If you wish to cancel the event or re-schedule due to very bad weather, we are happy to work with you.

What are your prices?
For private parties, we price at $17 per person – all you can eat. We add an 18% gratuity for set up and 9% NH meal tax. Please visit our menu page for what ingredients we bring. If you are having a different event – say an open house style, neighborhood clean-up, sporting event, etc. where you are not sure on exact numbers and guests may not eat as much as a typical party, we can price by the pizza. We have a $1000 minimum charge in most cases but are dependent on time of the year and how far we have to travel. We also offer salads at an additional $3 per person

We accept Visa and Mastercard.

How do I book a party?
Please email Christine at christine@touched-by-fire.com to check if your date is available and specific pricing. We will email you a specific quote detailing your selections. If you wish to book us, we will email you a contract to sign outlining our cancellation policy, etc. We require a deposit to hold the date. If you have questions, call 603-566-2193.

Thank you for your interest in our mobile wood fired pizza!